New Product Idea – What if Your License Plate Showed Your Car’s Mileage?

With a lot more attention on fuel economy in the United States, people are making a statement by buying hybrid, electric, and smaller cars.  I’ve heard that Geo Metro XFI editions are the hottest thing in the used car market lately.  It’s probably no coincidence that someone called my cell number (wrong number) asking about a used Geo Metro!  Anyway, if people want to show off their mileage or if they just want to feel good about how they are saving money and fossil fuel, why not have a license plate that comes in green?  So if your car gets 35 miles per gallon or better, you get a green license plate.  Better yet, States could charge extra for the green plates as a bonus.  Of course, the plates would need to be made from recycled and natural materials from sustainable sources.  This could be a fun and simple way to help foster interest in more fuel efficient cars.