FPS Strategy for Innovation

What’s the connection between video games and innovation strategy?  In an FPS (First Person Shooter) game like Halo 3, you can save your current game status and keep trying new approaches to solving a difficult problem until you eventually find something that works.  This ongoing problem solving exercise demands keen awareness, game experience, trial and error experimentation, and continuous improvement (Kai-zen).  On the higher difficulty settings, some levels can be nearly impossible but with a lot of evolutionary innovation and some brute force, you can usually figure out how to beat the level.  This concept of immortality allows the gamer to keep trying new ideas without real risk.  The keys in gaming, as in innovation, are patience and perseverance.  If employees can do their jobs and develop new ideas without risking their jobs, they might create some breakthrough products – just like reaching the end of the level! 

Innovate or die is really more like innovate AND die many times until you figure out a way to succeed!

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