My Favorite Cars – Porsche Cayman

Porsche has always been a top tier product when it comes to sports cars.  The legendary 911, the racing heritage, the singular focus on sports cars (until they started producing SUVs and now sedans) has established Porsche as a thoroughbred sporting marque. 

The designs have evolved with many superb cars such as the front engine 944 and 928 – not to mention the most evolved sports car of all – the 911.  But when the Boxster arrived on the scene, something about it just wasn’t right.  The mid-engine proportion seemed positively dull and uninspired.  Yes, it looked like a Porsche but when you saw one on the street, did you feel that this was a truly legendary model that would last through for generations?  The reviews were glowing and the sales were spectacular but gradually the new model shine wore off and the Boxster line looks a little tired despite several updates.  Enter the Cayman.

By adding a roof, the presence of the car has been completely transformed.  From a good roadster sprang a great coupe.  The porportion of the car causes you consider each view of the design as you walk around it.  From the front, the hood and headlamps and fenders look lean, purposeful and totally Porsche.  From the side, the car looks light, athletic, and agile.  From the rear, the bulging fenders telegraph power, purity, and potential.  The body has exquisite curves, surfaces, and lines.  And I haven’t even tried to describe the chassis dynamics which many reviewers rate as better than the 911. 

So whereas the 911 is the defining sports car Porsche (and the baby boom generation), the Cayman is a more modern and contemporary interpretation of the same spirit.

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