Tommy Hilfiger’s Bonneville Belly Tank Lakester Top Speed Racers

I saw a magazine ad a few months where the cars used as background props really caught my attention.  But the moment passed and soon I forgot about the ad and the cars — but not for long.  The sleek vintage look of the racing cars in the ad just kept coming back to me so I started googling. The photography looked like it was shot at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.  The cars were low and aerodynamic but also looked quite aged and raw. The cars were Bonneville Belly Tank Lakesters. A curious genre of top speed record runners, these cars are fashioned out of surplus aircraft fuel tanks.  The salt flat racers are built bare bones for pure speed. The look is minimalist, authentic and the patina is practically peeling off their hulls. To see more about these cars – check out Bobby Green’s Blog, he built cars in the above video. You can also read about the Hilfiger connection at this New York Times story.  To see the more about the ad campaign and more Bonneville/Belly Tank racing history, visit the Tommy Hilfiger site which has a great collection of still images and information from the shoot.

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