Venturi Eclectic – New Production Design for Electric Vehicle

In a previous post, I previewed the original Venturi Eclectic.  The design was unique in a toaster meets golf cart meets cute toy robot sort of way.  Billed as an “Energy Autonomous Vehicle”, the design is now referred to as the Eclectic Concept.  The new and production Eclectic debuted at the Paris Motor Show recently and is shown here. The 3 seater vehicle is now smaller with a narrower track. The cabin now features a very prominent door oriented and molded design.  (For a more extreme example of door oriented design – see the new Nasa Lunar Rover). The front end graphics and details are less cartoonish. the side view graphics, dominated by the door and side glass, are very dramatic and really show how form can follow function and create a pleasing aesthetic.  At the rear, a detachable storage pod or module acts like a backpack, defining itself as an accessory that is separate but fits the overall shape of the vehicle. The look is that of a space age micro cargo van. Overall, the design is much more mature but retains a futuristic, hygienic, pod-like, and modular Space 1999 feel. Best of all, it’s a far more interesting design than just about every other hybrid or battery electric vehicle. To learn more about this interesting vehicle, click here.

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