New Product Idea – Video Game: Great Battles in History First Person Shooter

If you have an interest in FPS video games, you know all the great ones such as Call of Duty, Halo, Counterstrike, Doom, etc.  They range from current and past realistic wartime scenarios, to futuristic ‘bug hunts’.  Sometimes they even mix up the two a little.  But how about a game where you can play across the great battles of history? This doesn’t have to be a time travel story or science fiction – just a game where each scene instead of building the next, is a different historical battlefield.  For example, you can play a modern urban street battle set in the middle east, then a Vietnam era jungle battle, then a WWII battle in Europe or on a Pacific island, and then a trench battle in WWI, and finally perhaps even a Civil War battle. Weapons would need to be historically correct and for you could unlock weapons that you can take from era to era. Such a game would have great replay value, unlimited opportunities for level design, and appeal to lots of people of different ages.  It might even be educational!

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