New Product Idea: How about a Phone Camera instead of a Camera Phone?

Camera phones are pretty much the standard now with video and still pictures up to 2-3 megapixels fairly common. But the phone is still the dominant partner in this relationship.  Cell phone images are still low resolution and suffer from poor lenses and lighting.  So how about integrating a cell phone into a digital camera instead? Let’s look at the problem from the opposite perspective to come up with something new…we’ve got digital cameras on the market now that have GPS and Wifi – so why not one with cell phone capability too?  Companies like Canon, Nikon, Kodak, etc should partner with a phone company and provider to market the first ever cell phone camera.  The product would be a full functioning 10MP digital camera with a 3x zoom lens, built in flash, and lots of in-camera image retouching features AND a cellphone TOO.  Now we can just have 1 gadget to carry instead of two.