I’m a Mac and a PC! I’m an Inanimate Object – Personifying an Object to Strengthen Customer-Product Relationships

macdsc_0219I’m I’m a Mac AND a PC. You’ve seen the Apple ads (like the one below) but now the PC corner has finally come up with something of their own – clever isn’t it in a global world kind of way? Hey – If you can’t beat ’em – join ’em! Actually, what else could they have done? After all, Apple took a computer and turned it into a personality, a look, a generation, an attitude, a cool, creative, young, hip dude with character and uniqueness. So it’s kind of nice to see the PC camp show that their users aren’t just a bunch of dumpy nerds in bad suits. They are in fact a diverse group of people who make up 95% of the market including many creative professionals. And as if any of us needed a TV commercial to help identify who we are. But so often it seems that the minority can identify who they are by who they aren’t

So what if other products could personify themselves… I suppose some products have personalities paid to pitch them (Tiger Woods and Buick up until recently for example). But does the average Buick driver have anything in common with Tiger? Maybe that’s why GM dropped him after spending a lot of money on an ad campaign that was never very believable.  The Apple guy however is pretty normal and everyday. I’m also amazed at how long the ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign has lasted.

I have up until recently owned both an original vintage 1984 IBM PC and a 1984 Apple Macintosh. The PC I bought new and Mac I adopted about 12 years ago. I still use both Macs and PC (more modern versions of course) and will probably continue to do so.  Have a look at some of the ads…


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