My Favorite Cars – Audi A5/S5

a5_par_0062_imageThere are plenty of European sporting coupes but if you are looking for something a little different to stand apart from the 3 series crowd, Audi’s A5/S5 is the car.  With plenty of coupes in recent years, the A5/S5 goes a little further in terms of design. Based on 2003’s Nuvolari concept vehicle, the exterior is perhaps the most emotive and expressive of any recent Audi production design including the TT and R8.  The main body side line rises above each wheel giving the body a lean, althetic look vs. the starkly conservative side views of other Audi products.  The front has the corporate nose which looks good to me.  And the interior ranks highly as well in terms of appearance and visual quality.  This is one great overall package for a sophisticated coupe!  4 Stars

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