New Product Idea: Automotive Design Star Ratings

There are star ratings for safety, top ten lists, car of the year, car of whatever but how about a Star rating for design?  It would be completely subjective of course since everyone is an expert when it comes to design. One way to do this would be to have a rating panel made up of industry ‘experts’ such as former designers, design analysts, etc. This would be just like having movie critics post their reviews on Yahoo or financial analysts publish their stock recommendations.  In addition, the great unwashed masses could also rate designs as well so you could have a peoples’ rating . The ratings could fall into the following categories:

5 Stars – This car would be a timeless classic, a pure, authentic, and evolved and mature design sure to remain beautiful generation after generation. The car’s exterior and interior design would exude simplicity and sophistication.  Every form, line and volume would have perfect balance and emotion.

4 Stars – This car has a superb design with something new and exciting but with something missing or with a critical flaw. Perhaps it’s too much design or not enough.  It’s a good-competent design catches the eye for a second look but fails to ignites the senses. An example would be the Mini which is an outstanding car in almost every way but the interior remains over designed compared to the exterior and the total car.

3 Stars – This car has a fair design that you really don’t notice for being too good or bad, a passable attempt at designing a car that will be soon forgotten. The car may have something special about it however…

2 Stars – The car has a  poor design that never should have left the drawing board, a bad design that that leaves people wondering why did they even spend the money to design it in the first place!  Still, it’s a car that is not terribly offensive.

1 Star – This car has a terrible design that lacks style, substance, and even novelty, a horrible design that insults the senses for it’s lack of sensibility.

Zero – a complete waste

I’ve already started using this scale on some of my posts.

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