My First Week as an Unemployed Autoworker in Detroit

It’s been seven days since that one fateful day when my boss informed me that I would be losing my job.  Within the next 30 minutes, I had cleared out my desk and driven off the premises for the last time. I did have some inside information that my 8 years on the job would be ending soon so it wasn’t a complete surprise. Ironically, my time at the company coincided perfectly with GWBs time in office – almost to the day!

After 7 days, I must admit I don’t miss the job that much and am actually feeling pretty positive and energetic – almost enthusiastic.  We’ll see how long this lasts…   My diet has improved, my weight is down, my spirits are flying.  perhaps my job was too constraining mentally and physically – especially with the perpetual threat of downsizing.  So leaving was the best thing for me I believe.

I’ve been spending my days working for my wife in Real Estate doing everything from photographing properties to installing lawn signs to shovelling walks.  I’ve reconnected to old friends and classmates.  And I’ve spent quality time with my son by taking him sledding after school and even builidng a snow tunnel in the backyard.  If it were up to my son, I should have been laid off a lot sooner!

We are looking at cutting costs of course and many of these actions are probably long overdue.  That is, getting rid of things and services which we really didn’t need such as 100 different channels on TV.  Broadband wireless access is gone too now that I’m essentially working from the home wireless network.  Of course, the money won’t last forever and either I need to find a job or my wife will have to sell a lot more houses.

On the job front, I’ve started networking and refining my resume but I will focus the next weeks on setting a direction for the job search.  I want to find job that will truly challenge me and keep me going for years to come. Losing my job has become my life’s greatest opportunity and I want to make the most of it!