Meeting Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors, at Detroit Metro Airport

While waiting for my flight to a conference in Atlanta, I noticed none other than General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner sitting a few rows down from me – busily thumbing his Blackberry. As a former employee of his, I walked over and introduced myself and wished him good luck with GM’s recovery. A joke about private jets seems somehow inappropriate so I restrained myself and just smiled and shook his hand.  As an unemployed autoworker, I couldn’t think of much to say to him that would be useful to either of us so I kept our conversation short.  As it turns out, he was traveling with his wife (I think) to North Carolina  – flying commercial like the rest of us.  I can tell you that he boarded early with 1st class and a gentleman from the airline personally escorted him from his seat in the waiting area onto the plane. Rick always seems like such a great guy – maybe he’s too nice…

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  1. That whole interaction must be even more surreal, knowing that just weeks after that interaction, he was a former GM employee as well!

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