My Favorite Cars – Audi Pikes Peak Quattro

d030018-1The 2003 Pikes Peak Quattro Concept took the luxury crossover SUV segment to a conclusion that many other brands had tried to achieve.  Audi created a refined, coherent, substantial, and upscale design that was truly it’s own.  There was no attempt at rugged and tough SUV imagery.  There were no faux off road accessories. The design stood on it’s own and eventually led to the Q7 – arguably, one of the very best looking designs in any segment, at any price. The production Q7 even improves on the Pikes Peak concept – especially from the rear with more definition to the rear lamps.  The massive wheels and wide stance carry through as does the huge Audi ‘intake’ nose.  My only negative is the massive bulk of the design when you see the vehicle in person. And is it just me or do Audi production interiors always look better than their concept interiors?!

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