New Product Idea – Print to Order Magazine with User Defined Content and Targeted Advertising

With newspapers closing and magazines thinning as readership and advertisers dry up due to the global recession, on-line media, e-books, etc. – how we can the print industry reinvent itself? One idea from the Internet age which might transfer back to the print medium is individually targeted advertising and content. Imagine a premium monthly magazine where the content and advertising are tailored for just your interests. If you love golf, heart healthy recipes, para-sailing, California politics, and fast Italian cars, the stories in the magazine would only be about golf, heart healthy recipes, para-sailing, California politics, and fast Italian cars. The content is available from providers around the globe and could be syndicated for the magazine. To help pay for the magazine, advertisers would pay a premium since the magazine is going to a paying customer with very specific interests and known demographics.  The print business would shift to a lower volume, customized product from today’s high volume mass market product. If you just want all your news fast – there’s no better medium than on-line whether it’s your Yahoo! or Google homepage. By editing your preferences, you can get all the information you want about the subjects you want delivered right to your desktop. But if you are reading for pleasure, why not enjoy a beautiful magazine in your hands where every article is about the things you care about and where even the advertisements are something you want to read!

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