New Product Idea – Swiss Army Knife Car Key Combo

keys1With car keys becoming more electronic with transponders, buttons, key cards, etc., how about a key that provides some REAL functionality? Enter the Swiss Army Knife car key. If you have a small Swiss Army Knife or multi-tool on your key chain or belt, you know what I mean. These small implements come in very handy and if you are handy, than this is the key for you.  It would fit especially well with commercial work vehicles or off-road vehicles. So instead of keys that are ‘styled’ to fit a brand, the time has come for keys that are a functional complement of the product.

4 Replies to “New Product Idea – Swiss Army Knife Car Key Combo”

  1. Cool idea but it probably will frustrate many now that we cannot bring any knives, nail clippers, or other sharp implements of this type on the plane with us when we travel….

  2. Excellent Point other Patrick. My wife just a watch with a light, compass, magnifying glass and other digital watch features from a company called ibeam ( It’s actually pretty useful having a flashlight on your watch!

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