My Favorite Cars – 1997 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series

lincoln town car side

After many years of missing my 1996 Impala SS, it’s time to relive some rear wheel drive, V8 glory! But now that I’m a little older, I was looking for something with a more panache and sophistication – so here it is – a 1997 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series. 1997 was the last year of this body style before changing to the more curvaceous design that still lives today albeit with a few exterior and mechanical updates. But the 1997 and earlier Town Cars have the presence and formality of a true limousine without the Greek Temple style of the previous generation. The handling and ride are of course marshmallow soft but comfort is king in a Lincoln. The interior is expansive comfortably seating 6 adults – and several more in the trunk depending on your occupation. The look is classic, elegant, and tastefully sophisticated. It was a truly timeless design built when luxury needed only to be town car front quarter

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