Cool New Mini Coupe Concept! And New Product Concept: Mini Sedan and Mini Coupe/Sedan

mini coupe concept

Just caught this today and I must admit that the Mini Coupe Concept is quite an attractive and distinctive design!  The green house execution is unique, intriguing, and even provocative with a silver accent color and a cleverly integrated roof spoiler. While the standard mini is iconic and the Clubman is awkward, this Coupe Concept is dramatic yet whimsical and shows how a roof line can completely alter a car’s persona. I’m sure we’ll see a Speedster version too if the Coupe goes into production.

 And after the Crossman SUV (not!), maybe we’ll see a Mini Sedan and then a Mini Coupe/Sedan like the M-B CLS… Imagine a 4 door version of the above car! You can see the story and full gallery at: