New Product Idea: Web/TV News Program Designed for Children

If you ever watch prime-time news on TV, it’s full of shocking images of violence, death, and disaster. Sometime, I wonder if they program all these shocking images just to drive up ratings. I suppose it’s why we all stop and stare when we see an accident.

But with the recent BP oil spill/lead in the Gulf of Mexico, my pre-school son is wondering what’s going on. He saw a picture in the newspaper about the oil leak but the TV news is just too mature for him. And so, how about a news program designed for younger viewers? The show could help educate youngster about current events around the world including things like the BP oil leak problem. Stories could be non-political and non-violent to avoid upsetting kids (and their parents). I think it’s a great opportunity to teach kids about what’s happening in the world and how it might affect them.  It will also help children realize how their lives relate to the world around them better.