Vintech Porsche P550 Tribute Concept Car – a One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece!

The Vintech P550 Tribute is something of an enigma.  obviously designed upon the Porsche 550, but redefined as a coupe.  The quality and detail of the car come through in the photographs and I’m sure the car looks/is even better in person.  I must admit I have a strong affinity for classic German sports cars – especially in silver.  This particular car is classic but also modern – just look at the wheels – the theme is classic but the interpretation is completely current.  The French company that created this stunning Tribute has no plans for production but beauty like this wasn’t meant to last. I look forward to standing next to this car someday…

For the entire story, go to: Vintech’s blog or to Autoblog’s story and galleries.

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