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Solar Impulse Aircraft

The Solar Impulse is a Swiss aircraft designed to fly without fuel using only batteries and solar energy. Although there have been long distance and human powered airplanes before, this will be the first purely solar powered aircraft. It just completed it’s first real flight using pre-charged batteries so the concept is becoming reality. Someday, aircraft like this one will be

My Favorite Jets: MiG-15

      The Mig-15 looks like what an early jet of the Soviet era should look like.  It’s amazingly pure and simple, compact, and memorable with it’s early jet age aesthetic. From the circular front intake to the swept back wings to the bare metal surfaces, this MiG reminds us of an

My Favorite Jets: Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Military transport aircraft aren’t sexy and sleek but they are impressive due to their sheer bulk, mass, and awesome load carrying capability. It was during this past weekend’s NASCAR race at Dover that I watched a C-17 do a fly  and my interest in cargo planes came

ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft

With an array of new VLJs (Very Light Jets) like the Cessna Citation Mustang, this Light Sport Aircraft caught my attention due to its unique portability and interior/exterior design sophistication. The ICON A5 is like a cross between jet-ski and float plane.  It can be trailered to the lake for launching and takeoff

Tommy Hilfiger’s Bonneville Belly Tank Lakester Top Speed Racers

I saw a magazine ad a few months where the cars used as background props really caught my attention.  But the moment passed and soon I forgot about the ad and the cars — but not for long.  The sleek vintage look of the racing cars in the ad just kept

Solar Electric Powered Sailplane Glider Concept

We’ve seen electric cars, trains and bikes – but how about an airplane? This was my Master’s thesis project from 1993.  Yes, even 15 years ago, people were thinking about the environment! It’s an electric solar powered sailplane/glider for 2 passengers.  All the wings and the main lower fin fold up


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