The Vintech P550 Tribute is something of an enigma.  obviously designed upon the Porsche 550, but redefined as a coupe.  The quality and detail of the car come through in the photographs and I’m sure the car looks/is even better in person.  I must admit I have a strong affinity for classic German sports cars – especially in silver.  This particular car is classic but also modern – just look at the wheels – the theme is classic but the interpretation is completely current.  The French company that created this stunning Tribute has no plans for production but beauty like this wasn’t meant to last. I look forward to standing next to this car someday…

For the entire story, go to: Vintech’s blog or to Autoblog’s story and galleries.

I’ve always had a soft spot for VWs ever since my first driving instructor couldn’t stop talking about his VW Rabbit. Later, a couple of my friends bought a Jetta GLI and Corrado. Both were quick, sporty cars but both were terribly unreliable. Neither ever bought a VW again but the cars sure were fun! Seeing the Jetta TDI Cup cars with the massive mesh front air dams, somehow brought back the youthful and fun spirit of the brand. Combined with the TDI engine and here was something unique (at least in North America). Despite being common place in Europe, diesel engines are still rare on passenger cars in the U.S. To see and read more about this one-of-a-kind car, you can see this review on Autoblog.


It’s difficult to believe the Terrain and the Granite come from the same company but one is a production vehicle and the other a concept. Still, there’s really no excuse for the Terrain. I do hope it is a commercial success at least.

From a Design viewpoint, the Granite rates about 3.5 Stars with the side view paper-thin surface changes being the only questionable element of the design – but even that is interesting!



gmc terrainIf looking at the new GMC Terrain has you staring in disbelief, you aren’t the only one. After spending millions in the design and development of this new product, how can GM allow this to happen? Not only that, but our tax dollars are supporting this company and this brand. If the government is going to spend our tax payer dollars, at least give us good design! The blocky, primitive forms and graphics, the overly simplistic wheel openings that pinch the tires, the lack of a dynamic stance, the absence of a strong side view graphic, the curb rubbing front air dam on an SUV? It’s no wonder that GM is suffering the way it is. I sure hope this second chance we’ve given them results in better designs.